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The Heart of Education

The Heart of Education

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It’s time for educators and administrators to take back our schools and classrooms and bring the passion and promise back into education! Disney’s Outstanding Elementary Teacher of the Year and inspiring speaker Dara Feldman offers powerful strategies for bringing joy, meaning and purpose back to teaching and learning. Her new book The Heart of Education offers a passionate and practical road map for teachers to create more engaging, caring and high performing learning environments. As a result, students are empowered to thrive, and the positive impact goes far beyond the classroom to transform their lives at home and throughout their communities!

In her book Feldman discusses:

  • How educators can balance academic rigor & accountability with supporting needs of the Whole Child.
  • How we can use language to build trust & increase hope, engagement & wellbeing.
  • How to recognize teachable moments to develop resiliency, grit & authentic self-esteem.
  • How virtues based boundaries & restorative justice can create safer schools & end the school-to-prison pipeline.
  • How to listen with compassionate curiosity to empower others to find clarity & create their own solutions.
  • How to increase joy, meaning and purpose through the arts, service learning & by creating a culture of mutual respect & appreciation.